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3 months ago, I was told by my Doctor that I am in the beginning stage of Prostate Cancer. As some of my FB friends who really know me and my family history, my beloved Grandfather died of Colon Cancer at the age of 80, my dear Father died of Prostate Cancer at the age of 57, (my father's brother) my Uncle was 58 when he was informed by his doctor that he had Prostate Cancer. He immediately received surgery and now he is Cancer free. My identical beloved Twin ...Brother and Best Best friend died at the age of 56 from Prostate Cancer; that leads to me. Now at the age of 59, my doctor told me my PSA level was at point 11. For my age and history, I should stay under point 4! He said, "You have Prostate Cancer and need to have a biopsy performed right away". I denied my doctor's request, but changed my diet and also started taking PROTANDIM ! ! ! In short, PROTANDIM oxidative stress levels in your body that causes over 200 types of different diseases! Now 3 months later, my PSA level is at point 3.1 (normal) Praise God!

To all men, especially African-Americans, if you have Prostate Cancer or Sugar Diabetes, don't be afraid, you need to check this product out.

Visit my website at for more information on this new amazing product PROTANDIM.

These are pills I was taken monthly before I found out about

LifeVantage and Protandim.

3 months later, now these are the only pills I take.

See you 3 months from now, Lord willing?

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