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Expandable Battery Bank Kit for $3,000.00

Min. 250 to 400 watts of Solar Power during day or night with DC battery bank system. Up to 24 hours of emergency backup. 7 to 10 years warranty.


Solar PV Panels that will produce 200 - 400 watts

Inverter/Charger - 3,000 Watts Inverter and Charge Controller



Batteries - 500 Amps 12V of battery bank storages - good for 24 hrs emergency backup. (2 batteries)

Solar PV Panel - (1) 230 watts Panels for charging batteries

AC Elec. Monitor - TED, monitors whole house electrical wattages.

Generator - Honda EU 5000i secondary backup (additional cost)

Description: This system can run some of the following up to the wattage you purchase. For example: high efficiency lighting, TV, stereo, VCR, DVD, DC .75hp well pump, satellite, vacuum, computer, blenders, energy saver lights, kitchen refrigerator & low wattage microwave, etc.

These aforemention household appliances can run under 400 watts per hour. NOT designed to run all appliances at one time. This is a max. 400 watts per hour system.

All items and system are subject to change.

Must contact sales rep. to verify purchase and delivery.


Act now: 35-60% Tax Credits still available.

Please fill out the form below so we can contact you for delivery of your Expandable Battery Bank Start Up Kit.

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Thank You for your selection and purchase.

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