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Solar Power Transit Lighting System

Solar energy is a cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional passenger shelter lighting options. It is the best way of providing lighting to passengers waiting in shelters at night and in the early morning hours. Lighting at bus stops creates a safer environment and is an overall amenity to the bus-riding public. Additionally, lighting assists bus drivers with seeing passengers waiting at the stops.

[ South GA Solar Power has been certified by GA DOT as a DBE as of Oct 21, 2009. ]

Costs for installing the lights in both shelters is less than the cost to bring a traditional power supply line to just one of the shelters. The average life expectation for the panels is 20-30 years.

Beneficial Impacts of System:

  • Powered by reusable energy and they do not increase the City’s utility costs.

  • Reduced consumption of electricity along with the associated regional and global environmental impact reductions.

  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs.

  • Increased safety at bus shelters which cannot be lit with conventional electricity-dependant methods.

  • There is no need to connect them to the electrical grid.

Bus shelters, stops, and canopies that now have solar-powered lighting are equipped with solar-illumination kits, which are highly reliable and contain an LED lighting element that has a lifetime of 100,000 hours, or 5-7 years. During the day, the solar panel charges the battery, which provides approximately 10-14 hours of illumination throughout the night. The lights at shelters, come on automatically around dusk and off at dawn.

Other Product Applications:

  • Solar Sign Lights

  • Solar Billboard Lights

  • Solar Real Estate Lights

  • Emergency Solar Power Lighting

  • School & Public Structure Solar Power Illumination

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