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South GA Solar Power - Sizing Calculator & Funding 

Solar Panel Output and System Inverter Sizing Calculator

This calculator is designed to help you determine the number, wattage rating, and output required to power your own system.

Grid-Tie System Cost Guide

System Size (in watts per hour) Monthly Output Capability (based on 5 hours of direct / insulated sunshine per day). Approximate cost, BEFORE subtracting $2,000 Federal Tax Credit, State Tax Credit or local financial incentives.

W/Hr               Mth output           Approximate Cost

680-1500        100-200 kWh         $4,475-$9,500

1500-2800       210-390 kWh        $9,500-$15,500

2800-3100       390-510 kWh        $15,500-$17,500

3100-4500       510-660 kWh        $17,500-$25,000

4500-5000       630-850 kWh        $25,000-$27,000

5000+             850-1200 kWh       $27,000+$35,000

These figures are an estimate based on complete solar power systems. Prices are approximate as of August 1, 2007. Prices do not include freight, tax, installation, or auxiliary battery back-up systems.

Electric Meter on Solar!

I installed a 7KW PV Solar electric system on my home, today is the first day it is in operation with sun. It's a partly cloudy day, the sun is in and out all day. You see the meter turn fast when t...

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