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South GA Solar Power

Solar Absorption Air Conditioning System

Sedna Aire believes that we can do something to reduce the effects of Global Climate Change through ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Thus, we have committed ourselves to provide the most energy efficient air conditioning systems for our homes and businesses.

Sedna Aire uses a solar thermal collector which displaces the electricity used in the cooling process. This allows us to achieve 40% to 65% savings as compared to the conventional air conditioning units in the market today. All Sedna Aire products start out with a 16 SEER rating before applying solar technology and grows to as much as 32 SEER rating!

Sedna Aire uses the R407C refrigerant which is more "ozone friendly" than the widely used R22 refrigerant.

Sedna Aire is the coolest, greenest, most cost effective way to cool your homes or businesses. With the savings that you get, you can actually get back your investment in 2 years.

Sedna Aire provides a warranty of 5 years on ALL PARTS, because we care for the people who invest in our products.   

For more information contact Ron Jackson @ 229-232-8133

A complete 4 Ton, 24 SEER - Solar Absorption Air Conditioning System

Costs $7,800.00 Retail or $9,800.00 installed.

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