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South GA Solar Power, LLC

Letters of Recommendation

September 5, 2022

I have nothing to say but "EXCELLENT INSTALLER", he was our first FranklinWH aPowerX and aGateX certified installer in Georgia ever that received a perfect grade from our customer, (Mr. Andrew Christopher) that's why I salute you (Ronald Jackson)

Premier Rimando

Service Operations Lead

FranklinWH Company (US Team)

Andrew Christopher - Atlanta, Georgia

Existing $245/month - Reduce to $15/month

smartphone monitoring

August 2022

Ron and his team at South GA Solar Power, LLC, did an outstanding

job installing our Q-Cell Solar Power System in November of 2021.

We have saved over $1,100 off of our electric bill since it was installed; and we love the system. We are seeing up to an 85% reductions in our electric bill. The reduction would be much more, but we keep our house very cool; 70 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night.

From the first meeting, Ron exhibited an exceptional level of

professionalism and a very high level of knowledge. His presentation was thorough, and he easily answered all of our questions.

One of the reasons for calling South GA Solar Power, LLC, was that it is a local company and can quickly respond to any questions or issues. Ron and his team continue to be available to answer questions and assist if we have any problems (which we haven’t so far). His team worked exceptionally hard to quickly complete the installation. They installed a 10KW Q-Cell Solar Power System with three 6KW backup batteries. The backup batteries provide power nightly and during any power outages.

During the inspection the County Inspector commented, “This was

an extremely professional installation;” a statement with which I totally agree.

The Q-Cell Solar Equipment runs itself. I have the option to modify

the settings and monitor how the equipment is working from my smartphone or iPad.

Overall, my wife and I are extremely pleased with the Q-Cell Solar Power System. South GA Solar Power LLC is extremely professional, friendly, and responsive. I would recommend them to friends and family.

Arthur & Ruth Hanks - Valdosta, GA

Existing $365/month - Reduce to $55/month

smartphone monitoring

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