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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our clients have so many questions that we have put together a page to respond to their many questions.

Question: Does going Solar really work for me?

Answer: Yes, for example: For every $100.00 you invests for solar power, you will get back $35 min. to $60.00 max. within the 1st year. Then, the system will pay for itself within the remaining 3 - 6 years. That's worth while. 

Question: What information is needed to obtain a good quote?

Answer: You will need your March & August electric bill and your total square footage of your property. (example: If your property is 1600 sq. ft. then your average electric bill should be $160 - $250. If your property is 2400 sq. ft. then your average electric bill should be $240 - $375.

Question: Can I reduce my electric bill by 50% or more?

Answer: Yes, you can reduce your electric bill by 50% for little as $1800 min. to $3,500 max. You can reduce your electric bill by 90% by installing a full solar array without batteries. We offer a "Not To Exceed Cost" for our guarantee services and installation. All system comes with a 25 yr warranty.

Question: Are there still any incentives to offset this cost?

Answer: Yes, the Federal still offer 30% tax credits for your purchase. These tax credits have been extended through 2022. GA State Energy Tax Credits are not available at this time. 

For more valuable information on how to purchase your solar power array, please click on the link below for our Online Consultant Services.

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