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Online Consultant Service

For a small fee of $250 we will provide you with the following information, technical support and services.

  • Copy of the recommended Sizing for your Solar Array (pdf)

  • Copy of your Cost Proposal (pdf)

  • List of Equipment: Solar Panels, Inverter, Battery Chargers, etc. (pdf)

  • Copy of Manufacture 25 yr Warranty for your Solar Panels (pdf)

  • Copy of Manufacture 7-10 yr Warranty for your Battery Backup

  • Copy of Manufacture 5-10 yr Warranty for your Charge Controllers.

  • All the proper tax forms for your tax preparer to fill out for your Return On Investment. (3 IRS Tax Forms in pdf format)

  • Application Forms for financing your system (pdf)

  • Must have a 585+ Credit Score

  • 2.99% Interest Rate for great credit and 5.99% for fair credit

After charging so many homeowners a $350 consultant fee for travel and a site inspection visit, we have reduced this fee to $250. This will provide you with as many answers and proper documents to prepare you for the purchase of a complete solar array. (No site visit, just send us a photo of your property and we will do the rest.)

*Also, this $250 fee will be credited back to you when you purchase your system from South GA Solar Power.

Thank you for visiting South GA Solar Power, LLC.

Ron Jackson

229-232-8133 GA   /   229-444-2788 GA   /   229-444-4765 GA

For immediate assistance contact one of the above numbers.

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