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Hybrid Solar Powered Lighting System

The challenge for municipalities is to create greener cities while isolated and rural areas struggle to have light without being connected to a grid. Currently, the energy demand from cities is expected to double by 2030.

The ARTEMIS by GTE and South GA Solar Power, LLC is helping meet that challenge by harnessing the rays of the sun and power of the wind to generate an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional street lighting.

Revolutionary features includes the following:

  • Twin power source independent of the electric grid

  • All-in-one design

  • Vertical axis wind turbine in combination with solar photovoltaic panels

  • Power is stored in batteries located in the base of the pole

  • High efficiency LED as bright and intense as traditional sodium vapor bulb that consumes a fraction of the power

  • No underground wires, trenching or additional services required

  • Fast, easy and economical to install

  • Silent

  • Saves money in electricity

  • Zero carbon footprint

  • AGM sealed solar batteries store up to 3 days of power

  • Photosensitive switch

  • Aesthetic and modern design

  • Ability to tie into your utility provider's grid

For more information contact Sharon Jackson

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