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Commercial Building Enegry

Analysis Audit Services

South GA Solar Power, LLC provides residential and commercial clients with our comprehensive Commercial Building Audit Report (CBAR). This is a 6-8 page energy analysis report designed for owners, office managers, facility managers, custodial staff and engineers who want to learn how to improve the energy efficiency and cut energy costs for your commercial or municipal building.

The CBAR addresses the following areas:

* Building Envelope (up to 50,000 SF)

* Existing Lighting Outputs

* Existing HVAC Systems and Loads

* Existing Water Systems

* Existing Compressed Air Systems

* Existing Electrical Equipment

* Existing Maintenance and Utility Reports

This report will also educate and offer our clients the best renewable energy star saving for their facility with the latest technology, advance products, quailty services and installation in the Solar Power Industry. We offer a variety of renewable energy solutions including:

* Solar Thermal Systems

* Solar Photovoltaic Systems

* High Energy Efficient Lighting

* Electrical Power Energy Reduction

* Geothermal Systems

All at a very afforable cost with a 1 -5 years R.O.I. We believe we can reduce your commercial building energy consumption usage and save you a substantial amount of money on your utility bills.

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