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Here are some examples of what South GA Solar Power can do to your Electric Meter.

Also within 12 months, your Electric Company could send you a Rebate Check for tieing back unto their grid. This is called Net Metering.

Electric Meter on Solar!

I installed a 7KW PV Solar electric system on my home, today is the first day it is in operation with sun. It's a partly cloudy day, the sun is in and out all day. You see the meter turn fast when t...

Sample # 1 - Electric Meter spinning backwards

Solar power does this to your meter

Zunior HQ has solar panels on the roof. This is what it does to our power meter on a sunny day. Note the direction of the arrow that show which way the wheel is supposed to be spinning.)

Sample # 2 - Electric Meter spinning backwards

And the meter goes backwards

Just got the solar panels hooked up, and the meter is now running backwards!

Sample # 3 - Electric Meter spinning backwards

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